Arrival & Dismissal Procedures at Coleman Elementary

Arrival & Dismissal Procedures at Coleman Elementary

Coleman Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

The FRONT drive will be used for buses, special programs (ECSE, FLS, LEAD) daycare drop-off, and walkers for both arrival and dismissal.

The BACK drive will be used for car riders for both arrival and dismissal.

We will have the SAME traffic flow for the arrival and dismissal of our car riders.  

Procedures for Car Riders: 

Cars will enter through Coleman’s back driveway. This entrance is off of  S. 14th Street.  You will only be able to enter through one entrance lane that is marked with an arrow on the street and indicated on the map. (red line on map)

At the entrance of the overflow parking lot, you will split into two lanes.  One lane forms through the parking lot and one lane stays in the driveway.  (red lines on map) We will be utilizing the back overflow parking lot to allow for cars to get off of 14th street.  This will also alleviate the need for a double line.  

The lanes will join back up at the end of the parking lot and merge together into one line that will proceed through the drop-off/pick-up area. (red line on map)

As a single line, you will pull up to the designated cones placed in the back circle drive. There will be 10 cones set out to allow for 10 vehicles to load or unload. 

Once you have dropped off or picked up your child, you will proceed in a single line to the exit at 14th Street. (blue line indicated on the map) 

You will exit by taking a right turn only onto 14th Street.

Specifics for Arrival: 

  • Student arrival is located in the back drive. 

  • The driveway gate will be unlocked at 7:00.  The gate is located further up the driveway.  Prior to 7:00, you will be able to enter the drive and begin lining up in the driveway and the overflow parking lot.  

  • Students may exit vehicles starting at 7:05.

  • Please allow students to exit from the passenger side door(s). 

  • Adults, please stay in your vehicles.

  • Pull all the way to the staff member to allow the maximum number of students to exit vehicles at the same time. 

  • Staff members will be on duty to greet students.

  • The tardy bell rings at 7:30, so please allow yourself plenty of time to come through the line and for your child(ren) to exit the vehicle, walk inside, and walk to class.

  • If your child is tardy, park in the front of the school, walk your child into the front office for Ms. Cindy to check them in.

Specifics for Dismissal: 

  • The back gate does not open until at least 3:00.  NEW DISMISSAL TIME is 3:15!

  • Students should be able to buckle their own seat belts for dismissal efficiency. 

  • Adults, please stay in your vehicles.

  • Please make sure your car tag is visible so the caller can call for your child.

  • If you don’t have a car tag, per safety protocols, you will be instructed by the caller to drive around to the front office, where you will show your ID to a staff member to pick up your child.


  • Our walkers will enter and exit through the front entrance of the school. 

  • The crosswalk is located at Hawkins Run and 14th Street.  Two permanent crossing guards will be located at the crosswalk in the morning and afternoon.  

Walker Arrival: Two crossing guards will be stationed there at Hawkins Run and 14th Street in the morning starting at 7:05. They will be there until 7:20.

Walker Dismissal: Walkers will be escorted from school to the designated crosswalk with staff.  

Don’t forget! The arrival and dismissal process will take longer than usual during the first several weeks of school.  Thank you for your patience with staff, students, and parents.